UI Design

With a keen eye for aesthetics and a priority in delighting clients, I specialize in developing your brief into a visually captivating website or app interface. Through intuitive layouts, harmonious color palettes and seamless navigation, I can transform your vision and goals into reality. Whether you need just the concept and design, or the full development of a beautiful, fast and engaging website, I'm here to discuss your needs.
Mobile shots of the responsive Secret Cinema website
Secret Cinema have been creating incredible film based experiences since 2007, constructing immersive worlds that allow the audience to be part of their favourite film. They were in need of a website redesign to attract new customers who, unlike most, hadn't been recommended Secret Cinema by friends.
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Pages from CGHE's website design
I designed the logo for CGHE when The Task Force for Global Health launched the project in 2019, alongside the overall brand including the website, to ensure that their presence emphasised the message they wanted to convey.
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Kikundi's digital platform, shown on mobiles and a tablet.
I developed the brand, website and app design for Kikundi, a collaborative platform for Program Managers to share, learn, and work together on solving common NTD implementation and management challenges.
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Several pages from BGS' new website design.
Following a rebrand, BGS sought out a redesign to elevate their website to match their updated modern and professional logo.
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The ESPEN Portal, shown on a tablet and mobile phone.
Working with WHO Regional Office for Africa, I designed the UI for the ESPEN Portal, an extensive data-filled and focused website.
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IYCF's e-Learning course shown on a tablet, as it is created for healthcare workers on-the-go.
Working with IYCF e-Learning, a free and certified e-learning course for healthcare workers working in infant and child health and nutrition, I created the brand and UI design for the course.
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