Having a consistent and effective brand presence is invaluable in expressing who your company is and building trust with your customers. Branding goes far beyond the logo, so whether you are a blank slate and searching for a logo design, or you want to develop your logo further into an all encompassing brand, I'm here to create a design system that conveys your brand's story and values effectively and engages with your community.
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I worked with Arcadian Visuals to develop a design system for them to create engaging Instagram content in Canva, giving them the freedom to quickly and easily make new posts that are branded consistently, while allowing them to add their personality and authenticity with different colour and layout options.
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I designed the logo for CGHE when The Task Force for Global Health launched the project in 2019, alongside the overall brand including the website, to ensure that their presence emphasised the message they wanted to convey.
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Working with IYCF e-Learning, a free and certified e-learning course for healthcare workers working in infant and child health and nutrition, I created the brand and UI design for the course.
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